Practice Quiz


1)a software application that is used to navigate the web is:

  1. A Search engine
  2. a Wiki
  3. a browser
  4. a directory


  1. T or F: The “Imax Experience” was created before the DVD


  1. IN what decade was the MP3 developed?
  1. 80’s
  2. 90’s
  3. 2000’s
  4. 2010’s


  1. What law was passed that required all radio stations on land or at sea to be licensed and assigned special call letters?
  1. Radio Act of 1912
  2. Radio act of 1927
  3. Public broadcasting act of 1967
  4. Federal communications act of 1934


  1. Movies act as ________________, popular cultural products that provide us with shared experiences and communicate values, hopes, and dreams.


  1. Which TV show came first, The Today and Tonight shows or 60 Minutes?
  1. Today/Tonight shows
  2. 60 Minutes


7) T or F: a “Share”  is an audience measure that gauges the percent of homes tuned into a program with those actually using their sets at the time of the sample.


  1. Name The 5 Deadly sins of Social Media







  1. Linking a product with a positive cultural value or image is called: ___________


  1. Briefly explain the difference between digital and analog recording.




  1. C
  2. F
  3. B
  4. A
  5. Consensus Narratives
  6. A
  7. T
  8. Unreported Endorsements, Improper Anonymity, Compromising consumer privacy, over-enthusiastic employees, using online community to get free work
  9. association principle
  10. Analog captures the fluctuations of sound waves, Digital translates sound waves into binary on-off pulses.

Accommodating The Accommodated

Reading and looking through the assigned articles, I am surprised at the information I’m finding. I was under the impression that most places around the world had the same kind of internet access that we as Americans do, except for the Third-world areas of the globe. So to see the color chart in “The New Digital Divide” slideshow came as almost astonishing to me, especially to see China as an area of high inclusion. Personally, I have no real experience with the digital divide. My brother who has lived in parts of South America for about 6 years now has had no problem with having a cell phone, internet service, or skyping us from his apartment. Since I have little knowledge about or experience with it, I’m taking the information in the articles with a grain of salt. I does not surprise me, however, that one of the major problems with the digital divide is that people creating these new technologies focus on accommodating the wealthy for profit instead of making more of an effort to bridge the divide. We cannot be expected to progress as a whole and utilize all of our cultures if we only focus on making a monetary profit. It is important that every individual across the globe be given the opportunity to learn from technology, especially the youth. Allowing this to happen gives us a chance to teach and learn in hopes for a better world, because combined minds are stronger and smarter than only a few. I think we can help people bridge the digital divide by providing them with proper internet access and technology instead of trying to progress in current technology.

Smellavision: Jersey Shore ratings drop by the hundreds….

While it is easy to believe that in the future we will be able to watch television with the flick of a wrist and modify channels to our liking, some modifications suggested in the “Future of Television” seemed a little strange. For example, the ability to smell what is going on on TV or being able to interact with the show. Personally I think the food network would be the only show appropriate to smell, and even they have programs like Man vs. Food that I would not want to take a whiff of. Anything from Jersey Shore to CSI and Survivor would have huge risks of losing viewers over awful smells. Also, interactive television takes away from the idea of programming. Actors, actresses and supposed “reality stars” would have no real purpose, not to mention who knows what kind of viewers would do what on screen. In other aspects, it may not be bad for TV programs to have multiple sponsors from all of the different ads requested by viewers, as opposed to 3 or 4 of the same. As with every other technology, the future of television seems to look bright. from high quality “retina display” systems to 3D experiences, new technology never ceases to amaze us. With increasingly capable touch screens and Xbox’s Kinect system, its not a far cry to think that soon enough we will controll TVs without a remote. As for programming, I think the actors will do their jobs and leave the interacting to video games.

Final Paper: Communicating through the internet

I would like to write my final paper for this class on a study and discussion of how people communicate and share relationships through the internet. Interactions between total strangers happen everyday and making information about oneself public on the internet allows for a whole spectrum of sharing and relationship building between people all over the world as well as trendsetting. This paper will focus on the possibilities that come from sharing information between people as well as the conflict and hazards. I will write this paper on my own.

March 30th- Write bulleted outline of paper, basic ideas to be covered and topics of discussion.

April 6th- research facts about online info sharing, relationships, statistics, stories of experiences.

April 13th- Fill in outline with research information, gather main sources, organize paper

April 20th- write first draft of paper

April 27th- revise, edit, add or remove information

May 1st- Turn in final draft

Hannah Jane in 10 Songs

1) The Jackson 5- I want you back

-An incredible song. This jam never fails to put me in a good mood and to this day I am increasingly impressed at the amount of talent put into this song. It may be old, but like all good old songs, it puts most of today’s music to shame. Play this song around me and be prepared for lots of happy dancing.

2)The Rolling Stones- Moonlight Mile

-I am perfectly aware this song is about drugs. However, when I first heard it I had no clue, and it became a song for my Dad and I. We have a very close relationship, and love to rock out during car rides together. This one was a tough battle between The Who and U2 (his favorite bands) which we greatly enjoy, but for as long as I can remember, Moonlight Mile was our chosen favorite.

3) Jay-Z – Moment of Clarity

-This was probably the hardest to figure out. I am a HUGE fan of rap music, both meaningful and totally pointless. My all time favorite rappers are Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, and LIl Wayne. I tried to pick a song that best represented solid rap music, because while they are extremely vulgar, one has to admit good rappers have quite a bit of skill and the best rappers can vocalize some powerful visuals of struggle.

4)Coldplay- Kingdom Come

-I think Coldplay is absolutely phenomenal. This is a personal favorite of mine, but with all the hits Coldplay has produced in its years there are so many to choose from. This song is one of my favorite love songs next to Georgia by Ray Charles.

5)Better Than Ezra- A Lifetime

-I’m not totally sure what it is about this song that I love, but it’s been a favorite of mine for a while now and it never seems to get old. The story of simple friendship and the struggle of death combined with the usual teen search for freedom just makes for a great combination. leave it to the 90’s. This song was in a tough competition with Train in making the top 10.


-Another close decision. I am the youngest child in my family with 3 older brothers, and we’re all 4 years apart in age, so growing up I think I got a pretty cool look at a few different trends of the past 20 or so years. Between Blink 182, Weezer, Rage Against the Machine, and Ben folds (along with some others) I was exposed to some pretty funky music as a young girl, so Brittney Spears was never really an option in my house. I can remember hearing this song as a kid and liking the beat, and now when I listen to it, I can’t help but laugh, and it has become one of the lasting favorites. I’m a loser, baby.

7)U2- Sunday Bloody Sunday

– As I mentioned before, U2 is one of my Dad’s favorite bands and has quickly become one of mine. I went to see them for the first time in concert last summer and they are nothing less than incredible. Always sending a positive message and in the meantime totally rocking out, this band will always have a warm welcome in my playlist.

8)Taylor Swift- Long Live

– I can’t even Lie, I am a sucker for TSwift. All cheesiness aside, she does make some awesome songs. This is a newer one of hers, but it is definitely one of my favorites.

9) Dave Matthews band- Everyday

-Growing up near St. Louis, Dave Matthews was always the summer concert of choice in high school. Their laid back hippy style and musical talent is great for long summer days and will always remind me of home.

10) Need To Breathe- Through Smoke

-Put God first, others second, and yourself third. Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting. Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary use words. Music plays a pretty big role in my life, and I find that Christian music is always  uplifting and helps bring a bit of focus to my life. This happy little band from North Carolina was introduced to me about 2 years ago and they’ve really stuck. Their folky style is very fun and in my opinion they have quite a bit of talent.

True Americans: …adore designer jeans?

As a fan and loyal episode viewer of Mad Men, I am thoroughly intrigued by the approach different advertiser’s take in making their ad look the most appealing. All the little tricks and undertones you think might just be part of a picture really play some of the main roles in catching one’s attention. Then there are ideals, what’s popular or what makes a certain person identifiable with a trend. In my search for an ad to analyze I came across a two page spread for True Religion brand jeans that  really hit the nail on the head for creating a popular ideal through brand advertising, and yet the more I look at it the more disappointed I am. It is a black and white photo of a man and a woman out on a motorcycle in the desert. Or rather, a handsome but rough-around-the-edges looking guy with his modelesque, hair perfectly wavy, gal pal on their apparently off-road capable harley. In which case we can analyze gender roles and how this isn’t a scary looking female with a skippy little man riding on back, or safety issues concerning both individuals not wearing helmets. However, this ad had a slightly different way of being not-so-subtly offensive. To the left of our happy off-road couple we see, in american flag patterned text, “True Religion Brand Jeans – The True American”. Well that’s fantastic, now we have thousands of war veterans turning in their graves (suited up in True religion brand jeans as well, I’m sure). Okay, maybe its something else about the picture, Americans do love their Harley’s, right? Although I did just see a Native American on a box of cigarettes who claimed he had the true american spirit as well…I think the bigger picture here is the fact True Religion thinks is okay to boil our American culture down to a pair of designer jeans! I know we can be quite a frivolous group of people, but it’s part of our history to be hard working individuals who fight for their freedom, and we don’t take those issues lightly. If you’re going to go through the effort of setting up a photo shoot out in the desert, or at least the effort of getting a motorcycle on to a well-decorated set, and calling two models “True Americans” the least you can do is show in some way that the man or woman on the bike has done something besides slip on a pair of jeans.

Water please, and hold the advertising ice cubes.

They’re everywhere! From youtube videos to park benches, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere without being bombarded by ads for everything under the sun. Wether we like them or not, advertising agencies have found every way they can to try and catch our eye. I have no doubt that they’re progressive, either. Not only do ads seek to grab our attention with the supposed quality of their product, but now there is a whole spectrum of “going green” that they have to focus on. It’s not about the new Honda Civic’s radio system, it’s about how it uses clean energy or can get the most miles-per-gallon. Just as well, now companies have the power to customize how they advertise to us as individuals through websites like Facebook, where the ads you see depend on your activity on the site. This new trend has benefitted companies enormously, with statistics like Pedigree dog foods showing a 1.1 million increase in donated dog food bowls to animal shelters. Which also shows that not all of these advertisements are strictly product selling methods. In my opinion, one of the futures of advertising is to use brand names and products to help charities, or benefit the ecosystem as well as scientific research. Using human nature to help one another as well as make a good, respectable name for their product. This kind of approach has already been seen in Yoplait yogurt’s “pink cap” for Susan G Koman cancer research, and in a few other products similarly. Wether they’re putting down other companies as a way to get ahead, or just making us laugh, advertisements will continue to show up anywhere they can find space, because its not just about things like lemon-lime soda, its about 7up and Sierra Mist.